True Love Can never changes into a hate !!

There are a lot of people in your life who loves you for no reason . They don’t want anything from you but they only want to see you happy in your life . They want to see your success and the level you achieve in your life . Sometimes these people who loves you a lot for being who you are , suggest you some new things and stop you from doing wrong things . Sometimes they scold you and even they ignore you a lot in order to show their anger but trust me they are the true well wishers of you because they can’t see you like this moving on wrong paths or doing something wrong . They love you so much that they even can’t ignore you properly . They just try to keep themselves a little away so you may feel their absence , you may start changing up yourself or you may just look upon yourself to find what’s wrong is going on with you .

In short I just want to make you realize that never start hating someone on the basis of their ignoring behavior or due any other reasons because

“A person who loves you once in life can’t ever hate you”


BROTHER , I still miss you !

“Being a Brother is always better than being a superhero.”

As everyone have brothers or sisters in their lives . The most lucky people are those who have this cute relationship of being a sister or a brother . Unfortunately some people have no siblings but they must have other such relationships in their lives .

I also have three brothers and one little sister of me. When I was little it was a great pleasure and happiness for me to play with my siblings all the day and to do some fun with them. We enjoyed a lot of things together . I remember that my one brother , elder than me just 2 year whose name is Umair Khan was used to be very careful about me because at that time when I was just 3 years old , we were just 3and I was the only sister of the two . That’s why he was much attached with me and used to care about me . He never allows me to step out of the door of the house. He plays with me and makes me happy . Than slowly as we grow up we got another brother and than finally a sister also. But still the love of my brother with me was very deep . We both just play together always . We fight a lot but at the end we both ends the day with happiness .

When my brother was about 7 years he had some problem in walking . He just walks slowly and sometimes fall down . We all the family members were very worried about him. My father took him to many doctors but still there was no improvement . He was in class 3 and I used to go with him and I always used to take his bag and hold his hand and than dropped him to his class because he faced a lot difficulty in passing through the stairs . That’s why I used to go with him to drop him to school. I really love him so much that even I could not see him like that . In the evening when we go down for playing the boys used to tease him because of his slow walking and falling down again and again . He sometimes felt very disappointed but he never said to my mother or father because he knew that they are already much worried about him . I used to fight for him with every boy who ever said anything to him because I just wanted to protect him . He loved cricket and football and he had played a lot .

He loves riding bicycle but when his legs were not working properly I used to ride a bicycle for him and he sat behind me . We had such a great days together . I remember on Eid days he loved to play with gun and to be a policeman. Sometimes we played house games , army games . I tried to make him happy so that hhe could not feel his disability. My father and mother had visited every doctor and even dum darood , homopathic and every treatment . But there was no proper treatment for his disease .

At the age of 8 years he could not even stand on his feet . He had no power in his legs to stand up and to walk like us . We all were much worried about him . And that day was the worst day for me . My brother who used to play with me would not even stand with me . He also had a heart and feelings like other children , he also wanted to play like us like others but he could not do anything . We even talked with the other countries doctors but they said that they are working upon this didisease but still no treatment was found . As the days passed he left his school and just studied till 5 standard . Than he used to isit and watch TV and playing games on Internet . But still he was the great supporter of me . I used to say him: “when I will become are doctor I will first find out the treatment of your problem and than you will be fine and we will play together.”

He was very strong minded. He still never felt disappointed nanda helped me out in my work . He never wanted to sit on a wheelchair and go out for playing . My father bought wheelchair for him but he didn’t sit on it because he felt bad and didn’t ever liked it . The life goes on like this , our family was disturbed but still everything was fine and about 8 years of his life passed like this by sitting only and he became of about 16 years . At this stage he became ill one or one or two times . As he was not weak nor any physical problem his health and all body parts were proper like a normal boy even a person could not say that he cannot walk or stand up by his looks . He was ape perfect boy like all others .

When he was of 17 years he became much naughty and teased my younger brother by saying him moto . I still remember it was the month of November that’s my birthday month and he was already planning that hwa will not allow me to celebrate my birthday at school with my friends because he was wanted to celebrate it at home . We used to debate on that topic of my birthday . At that time we were also planning to visit Punjab and he also wanted to go there for some days . But on 21 d November d November he got ill and was hospitalized . We thought it’s just a fever not an issue but the doctor had informed my father that he had a mild heart attack but father didn’t tell tells that . Today I feel my self the worst one that my brother was on ventilation and taking his last breaths of his life I couldn’t even go to meet him nor even saw him and on 25th November , he left all behind and moved towards the the new world . It was the darkest day for me and for the whole family .

May his soul rest in peace.


“I hide my tears when I say your name ,
But pain in my heart is still the same ,
Although I smile and seem carefree ,
There is no one who misses you more than me .”


A girl is the one who keeps her emotions and feelings in herself. She never share her broken heart feelings with you and just smile in front of you just in order to make you happy. You can never judge a girl by her facial expressions because she never shows her true expressions in front of any one. She may not sleep at nights and she may cries the whole night but she will never make you feel worried about her . A girl is the most beautiful creature in this whole world . She is the most sensitive and the delicate part of this world . Her eyes speaks the truth and her smile is her beauty .


“Success is a ladder not an accelerator”

As the word success comes in our mind we just start struggle for getting it . It’s the most common thing in our lives that strives us to do more and more , to do better than the previous one . Always remember one thing that we can get success by doing hard work for it but we should never stop our struggle because it’s always difficult to go on the top of the building with a ladder .

As one of my teacher Miss Safia Saeed said :

Good , Better , Best

Never let it rest

Until your good is better

And better becomes the best .

Whenever I take part in any compitetion of my life these words just clicks in my mind .

I simply believe that if you want success in your life you should be a hardworking , determined and confident enough to get your success in your hands .